Saturday, 6 September 2008

Heath Ledger In Memoriam

He's gone. But his legacy will carry on forever. He shall be known as the man who made a difference in his acting, a man who pushed himself to the limits for each role he carried, a man who dared to be, a man that would play all that he fucking could, be it a gay man or a psychopatic maniac.

Heath Ledger is gone. I still find it hard to digest these four words. I cannot stand knowing that a man with great caliber is never going to be around to flaunt his skills on the silver screen again. It's just so bloody, fucking-ly, excruciatingly sad.

Heath Ledger, you da man. Your performance in The Dark Knight was awesome. Your best work if I may say so; however that is yet to be decided, not until I've watched The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus (which I'm sure will top The Dark Knight XD).

Heath Ledger, You Da Man! We'll never see you on the silver screen again! omFg! *cries*


Adele Zaaba said...

i still love him even though he had sex with jake :(

Jon said...

Lol, he was the gay joker and the crazy cowboy.. Wait, did I mix that up?

Oh well, I hate him now cause his feet are hoooge.