Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Mamma Mia! : Here I go again, with a movie review

Wow, Meryl Streep really outdid herself in this movie. Aside from the fact that her acting was top-notch, when I say she "outdid" herself I mean she was really really really active. :|

She hops here and there, shouts, screams, laughs out loud, does mid-air splits, jumps on her bed, dives into the sea, and falls God-knows-how-many times. I nearly thought she was not over sixty years old. I mean, if my mom did half of what Meryl Streep did in this movie alone, she would have slipped a few disks if you know what I mean. Touch wood. :)

I totally agree with the casting of Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried as mother and daughter. But Pierce Brosnan? How awful it was to see him act in such a flick, let alone sing in one. He pulled it off nonetheless. *shudders*

However this movie would have been nicer to watch if it were not for the people screaming for joy in the background during a joyous song. I mean, I could not hear what they were singing and could not savour the effect of the song because of the background singers and all that. A word of advice to the director: This is a movie, not Broadway. And I mean that in the nicest way. :)

But if you ask me, the movie was very fast paced. It just wooshed from scene to scene and the songs came as fast as it went. However one song that took its own sweet time to pass was "The Winner Takes it All". I felt like killing myself waiting for her to stop singing. 8-|

My favourite songs in the film, arranged in order of least sucky to teh suck:
1: Mamma Mia
2: Does Your Mother Know
3: Honey, Honey
4: Lay All Your Love On Me
5: Slipping Through My Fingers
6: When All Is Said And Done
7: The rest pretty much sucked. Naw they were good, but I did not enjoy them as much as numbers 1 to 6.
8: The Winner Takes It All XD (Teh Suck)

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