Saturday, 20 September 2008

More new-age bullshit.

I've been hearing people say this for over a decade, which makes it new-age to me. Have you heard it?

"Study smart, not hard"
I would like to advise you people out there, who use this saying as part of your day to day prayer, believing that you will get an A the moment you say it. My advice is: You suck.

You may think studying smart will get you somewhere, but doing it without effort will get you nowhere but back at the chair and table where you started studying. Let's say you sat down at the table and decided to "study smartly" for an hour. So you study, using all your smart techniques and and shit like that. At the end of one hour, what do you have? Brimful of nothing in your head? Well it depends on how smartly you studied.

What's my point here? Well I guess this saying has been bugging me a lot. You see, when people tell me their exams are next week / tomorrow/ etc., I conventionally wish them "Good luck and study hard" and they get all smarty-pants on me an go "No, it's study smart." Then I have nothing to say to it because it's like as if a fistful of mud was thrown at my face. However, being on higher wavelengh of intellect than everyone else, I go "So what? You're still going to be failing the paper. What's the difference if you study smart, or hard?" to which they reply "Soo baaad."

Studying hard has benefited me more in exams than studying smart has. Studying smart has helped me prepare for presentations and assignments more than studying hard has. So I think I will be orthodox for once and side with studying hard. :)

Don't say Study Smart if you're not studying smart. But ultimately you'll be busting your ass off to study for your finals tomorrow so Studying Hard rocks. Woo-hoo.

Footnote: The blogger just finished his final exams today, hence he is feeling unusually high and happy.


Jon said...

You suck for not including the "Don't study" option :P

Unknown said...

Aw Jonny, I wanted to. But such a thing would have a negative impact on the lil readers such as yourself. See how considerate I am? :)

Jon said...

Considerate. Pffft.

PS: my word verification was pethhamg. lol