Sunday, 14 September 2008

It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness

Bullshit. Listen up ambivalent assholes, curse the darkness all you want, tell it to "Go to hell" or "Fuck it's mom" or whatever you deem appropriate at a moment of panic, vexation, frustration, anger, etc. But of course, light the candle after you're done.


My point here is it is not better to light the candle only, because you can't channel your rage/ panic/vexation/ frustration/ anger into some form of closure for yourself. If you let it all out, then it's gone forever, never again will you think about it.

But then, don't be stupid ass and do nothing about the cause of the panic/ vexation/ frustration/ anger. Solve the problem there and then, and move on. Light the candle.



Jon said...

Dude, can't I curse the candle? :P

Unknown said...

The candle is your solution. Curse the candle and it'll go out. Then you're fucked. Right there. But you know cursing the candle is fun too. :) But that's another post. Haha

Jon said...

I curse the candle because I have night vision goggles :D