Thursday, 25 September 2008


I've just finished watching Season One of Californication and it is Awesome (with a capital A). I was introduced to this show by some unimportant being and it seems that I'm the only one she knows, besides her, who likes this show. Funny :|

This show is awesome because I say it is. There is not definite moral value learned at the end of each episode; it is more of how this writer copes, or rather does not cope with the shit in his life. He is a sarcastic, sometimes depressed, irritable alcoholic who makes his way through each day with the help of his daughter and his ex- ... er ... ex-whatever (technically they were never married so she is neither his girlfriend nor his wife), who is with another man. He loves them so much but still finds it easy to sleep with a different girl each night. Hot women must be his anti-drug I guess.

His shortcomings and flaws notwithstanding, he is a very lovable man. The two people he loves the most in his life are his ex-whatever and his daughter, who he treats better than anyone else. It's nice to see a man with such vices care for people. :) OK he's not that bad; He just has issues to deal with. Trust me, it's easier to watch than it is to explain.

Nice show, good plot, good actors/actresses. 3 thumbs up.
The Golden Globe says so

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Lim Sze Ye, Jane said...

how about ex-FWB? lol. friends with benefit. they're neither your wife or girlfriend.