Friday, 22 August 2008

Stupidity in Kollywood.

I'm watching a Tamil movie called Anniyan (Onion), and I tell you: IT IS A FUCKING STUPID MOVIE. =.=

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Seriously I cannot explain it because it's stupidity is unfathomable. The concept is good, but the portrayal is worse than mediocre. Giving it Mediocre status would be like Simon Cowell complimenting Keith Beukelaer on his singing. OMG that guy was the shit (Keith, I mean). hahahahahah

So yeah, besides giving themselves a God-awful name, the Tamil movie industry has once again managed to purge out more shit. Firstly, what's with the name? KOLLYwood? Why KOLLY? I'll tell you why. They were carefully observing Hollywood and they noticed that Hollywood was dishing out some pretty good movies. So they decided to emulate Hollywood's concepts and style, merge them into their own movies, and voila: a super smash hit! Or so they thought....

Look I don't mean to be so blunt and all, but they seriously need better methods of portraying their ideas. Don't get me wrong, I've seen many Tamily movies that are good, and I mean really good (not relative to English movies, but intrinsicly good- storyline, acting, blah blah blah, the full works). Hey, the world isn't split into Hollywood and sucky movies. Besides I ain't that much of a bigot. haha

I would like to be more detailed about this but this will take up alot of my time, not to mention posts. So yeah, just trust me on this; I know I'm right. ;)

PS: I would write about Chinese movies, but I don't watch them. With the exception of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon of course. Haha. Hmm, Chinese movies, well I guess the most obvious thing is the ability of the dudes and dudettes to fly up a roof or a tree in a couple of movies I've seen. Haha, but this is supposed to be about Kollywood, not Chinese movies.

PSS: Did I mention the existence of Mollywood and Tollywood? Hmm, another time maybe.

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Adele Zaaba said...

OMFG! *awkward silence*

you watched a freaking TAMIL movie ?? :o


exotic tittle for a movie :))