Sunday, 10 August 2008

Fussy about Fagotry.

Seen a fag lately? Hated what you saw? Well then you suck.

No, I'm not a fag, and no I'm not part of some pro-fag support group. I am just indifferent. You see, many people just hate being around fags (Yes I'm using the politically incorrect term), and they complain and bitch about fags.

Seriously people, suck it up and move on. Let me ask you, Why are you straight? Your reply would be "Uh, I dunno I just am." Well that's it. "Fags are just fags." There aint nothing to it. How can you "just be straight" but not them?

You freaks may be struggling with accepting this piece of logic. Okay let me break it down for you. While we straight dudes grew up liking girls, those gay dudes grew up liking guys. How? They just started liking guys, damn it! And fags are just fags, they can't help but be that way. You may like doing things a certain way, and so do they. You cant hate them for what they are.

You can get all religious and shit, but it aint gonna do no good, you hear? I'm not gonna get all technical into this religious part, because I don't want to bring up sensitive issues. ( Damn you Heathens! )

Let me tell you what you can hate fags for. Normal stuff! For being asinine, proud, rude, disgusting, irritating, selfish, and about all the other stuff you can hate people for. You should not hate them for being gay or faggish. It's not their fault they are that way. Yes they choose to be that way, but only because they feel comfortable being that way. Just because the rest of the world found one acceptable way of behaving, does not mean that their ways are wrong.

All these complaints about faggots, its just bigotry.