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I hate the Harry Potter movies: Part Deux

So . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Here are more lines from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which i find to be just plain ridiculous.

Hermione Granger: You've done it, Neville! You've found the Room of Requirement!

Ron Weasley: The what?

Hermione Granger: It's also known as the Come and Go Room. The Room of Requirement only appears when a person has real need of it, and is always equipped with the seeker's needs.

Ron Weasley: So, say you really needed a toilet...

Hermione Granger: Charming, Ronald. But yes, that is the general idea.

Harry Potter: It's brilliant! It's like Hogwarts wants us to fight back!

Right. In case you are wondering this excerpt is from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Right, so straight into it. Who can spot the stupidity of one of the lines here? I can. Take a look at the very last line. What does Harry Potter say? "It's like Hogwarts wants us to fight back!" Oh really? Then why did it allow Professor Umbridge to blast a hole through it's door to find you in it? Can't answer? Well then, you suck.

Look, the Room of Requirement is a special room in Hogwarts that changes itself to fit the needs and whims of people who are passing it. So "if you need a toilet" and you are happening to pass this room, then the room will fill itself with chamber pots (something I read from the book) XD. And lil ol' Hermione said that it is known as the "come and go" room. Right. If she knew that, how come she didn't mention it in the first place? They were looking for a secret place were they not? And it is a secret place where they can practice is it not? So why did she not think about it? Hmm? And here she is acting like it doesn't exists when she actually knew about it long ago.
The real story is Harry was informed about the Room of Requirement by Dobby the house elf. Dobby said that the Room of Requirement is known as "The Come and Go" Room among the house elfs. In the movie Hermione knew the Room as the Come and Go room. Hmm ... oh my ... could Hermione be a house elf??

Anyway that is not my point. It's far from my point. I'm not here to condemn the book. I'm here to condemn the movies. Now moving on to Dumbledore.

Originally, Dumbledore was played by the late Richard Harris, who really was as old as he looked.


I must say, Richard Harris played the role of Albus Dumbledore exceptionally well. He acted old, he had long, white hair and had a rough, aged voice. He carried himself nicely and made it believable that Dumbledore was really old and frail.

Sadly, Richard Harris passed away leaving the producers of Harry Potter in a bit of a conundrum as to what to do about the role of Dumbledore. However as big a problem as that is, giving the role of Albus Dumbledore to Michael Gambon was a horrible crime and they should be prosecuted for it. He simply is NOT Dumbledore material. He showed no trace of the Dumbledore that we saw in the two previous movies. He did not even try to be the previous (and not to mention, better) Dumbledore. He just played the part the way he liked. That is so not kool. Seriously. Want to know how the two Dumbledores were different? Well firstly take a look at their pictures.

So the first picture is of Richard Harris as Dumbledore. The second one is of Michael Gambon. My, my Dumbledore has had a hair cut hasn't he? *sighs*

Another difference between the new Dumbledore and the original one is that the Richard Harris was given heavier robes to wear. This made it hard for him to walk and that is why it seemed like he had a difficult time to walk. But the robe was what made it (the character's appearance) more effective! *sighs*

Let me point out his mistakes. Michael Gambon was given light robes to wear. This made him look like an old man wearing ladies' nightgown. Seriously. =.= Secondly, Michael Gambon was far too aggressive for a man his age. (Dumbledore looked like he was in his thirties or forties fifty years ago. You do the math) Want proof? Let me direct your attention to the scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where Dumbledore screams Harry's name out loud when his (Harry's) name came out of the Goblet. Which seventy or eighty year old man screams with that kind of voice, hmm? Then, shortly after that, he storms into the room where Harry and the other champions were waiting, grabbed Harry by the collar and asked him if he put his name into the Goblet or not. Sigh, and here we thought Dumbledore was a calm and collected man. Michael Gambon was simply NOT the right choice LAH. He was absolutely the WRONG choice for the role of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore! You see what U-know-who-i-am put in my cbox on the right? "DO NOT INSULT DUMBLEDORE." And I am just sad that they chose the wrong actor for the part and very sad that the original actor for the part didn't make it (if you get my drift).

Why couldn't Michael Gambon just copy Richard Harris' style in portraying Dumbledore?? Why?? Why could he have not done so? He wouldn't have lost anything would he? But if he did follow he will be remembered as the man who was able to keep the Harry Potter saga going on perfectly without any flaws (but it wouldn't have made any difference anyway, refer to my next post). Man I hope i don't get sued for this.

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Jie Juan said...
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Jie Juan said...

Michael Gambom portrays as an aggressive version of Dumbledore. Which again means it's not cool as you said it. I never liked the dude. It's like he hates being the old wizard and earns millions of dollars out of the movies. SO NOT COOL! Richard Harris seemed better because Dumbledore was supposed to be kind, smart and wise..not a whole lot sour puss!

Cordova said...

Totally agree with both of you. Although Dumbledore of the books is energetic sometimes and old and frail others, Richard harris clearly portrayed him soooo much better... his voice was Dumbledore's voice, and he wore sweeping robes. Also-he was freaking TALL in the books. Just saying.