Wednesday, 7 January 2009

It came from a ciplak store

When you buy a ciplak bag from a ciplak store, even though the bag looked sooo nice, had alot of room, was cheap, looked nice, and could carry all your paper, books, file, jacket, lab coat, etc, felt a little flimsy but looked nice, and expected it to last at least one semester, this is what you get, after three to four weeks nonetheless:

I can understand a ripped seam on one side, but on two? Not only that, the seam was splitting at a constant rate of (probably) a centimeter per hour.

Then waddaya know? Bada bing, bada boom! And you have this:

The upside down bag, because bottom up just won't do.

Right now, the bag is sitting on the floor beside me, ripping away for all I know (and care). Oh it's still roomy all right. With the seams split, the bag has alot of room. Just don't expect to find whatever you put in to be there when you open it again later.

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Adele Zaaba said...

Moral of the story: Never buy cheap bags.