Thursday, 15 January 2009

Scoffing should be made illegal

As a follow up to the ridiculous law that those who sit in the back seats should wear their seat belts or risk being fined three hundred ringgits or jail, I hereby declare that scoffing should be made illegal, whereby those who scoff are sentenced to 3 whacks of the cane and 3 months prison and three hundred ringgits fine or all three (if the assailant is a compulsive scoffer).
Scoffing is so uncouth. When you scoff at something that someone says, you're actually telling the person "Look bitch, I have no interest in whatever you are trying to tell me as you are a low, not as educated as I am, inexperienced, and very simply, a bimbo. Hence I have no interest in your frugal thoughts; I wouldn't listen to your points, let alone pay a penny for them (it's not like they cost so much anyway. Thank you and fuck off."

You see how demeaning that can be to a person? That, coupled with the rolling eyes and small snort you let out as you scoff, gives you an extremely proud, arrogant, and asinine demeanor. Okay, technically you make 'the scoffee' (the person who you scoff at) look asinine, but to me scoffers are asinine.

Kiss my ass, scoffers ):P

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