Monday, 12 January 2009

Airlacks oh Airlacks

Airlacks never ceases to amaze me. Amaze, enthrall, disgust, irritate, you name it. Today, Kesavan was talking about changing courses, and I-Jing was also thinking about the same thing. She told Kesavan (I'm paraphrasing here):

I-Jing: Ei, you come with me go Kampar!
Kesavan: ...
I-Jing: Then we can sleep together.
Kesavan: Sleep together??!! *laughs*
(everyone laughs)
(except the Grinch)
Oh my...
"Oh my". "Oh MY"?! Ftw?!

There are a thousand things you could have said that would have sounded better than "Oh my". Like "Lol" or "Damn" or "Wtf" or Wth" or... I dunno! But "Oh my" ?? Tsk.

Yet another incident occured the day before the "Oh my" one. Airlacks ordered half-boiled eggs at Al-fucking-expensive-Esfan mamak restaurant. The eggs were served in a bowl with a saucer. Dear ol' Airlacks cracked the shells, poured the jelly-like matrix of the egg onto the saucer and put the empty shells into the bowl. Then he poured some soy sauce on it and started eating his eggs from the saucer.


Airlacks oh Airlacks. You're one of a kind. ;)

~Why don't YOU carry YOUR bag upside down? I'll still look like Mr Bean anyways.
~You're the UNgreat. Deal with it.
~Coulda', shoulda', woulda', gonna', but didn'.

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