Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The English Language

There are those that walk among us (I call them retards) who think they are masters of the English language. I find them absolutely conceited. Mostly because they are not masters of the English language; if they were, I would have nothing against them.

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Who is the master of anything anyway? Kings? Right. They are not masters of my thoughts, your thoughts. Hence I conclude this paragraph with this statement: No one is the master of anything; you only master that which is in your line of knowledge/sight.

I have seen those who go "His/Her English sucks!" and I would be beside them thinking "...uh-huh, freak...and yours does?" Okay sure, they are able to identify the mistakes in "I'm not racism" and I'm not suck" but they lack the advantage in so many other areas, spelling and tenses being one of them.

Not forgetting singular/plural of course. Someone I know who claimed she/he was good at English kept repeatedly saying "I doesn't have..." and "They doesn't know..."

Do I hear you saying "But we're speaking Manglish (Malaysian English)"? Well, sorry to be in your face and all when I say this but "Bullshit".

Bullshit. "I doesn't have" and "I'm not suck" are not Manglish. They are pure, unadulterated grammar mistakes. So in fact, your idea of "the perfect English" spoken by yourself actually sucks.

Please don't write in or tell me how offended you are. I really don't care. :)


Jon said...

But I'm not suckx!!!


Unknown said...

yeah well, i'm not racism either.