Saturday, 31 July 2010


I've come a long way. I really have. And that's something to be proud of. But:

When I look back at how I was when I left high school, I can't compare myself now with then. I was so different back then. Fresh out of school, naive, no idea what lies in store for me.

Now it's been a meager two years and I have changed so much. Maybe the term "changed" wouldn't do me justice. I've learned a lot I guess.

It's hard to believe that the people whom I used to have daily conversations with, those whom I used to depend on to get me out of boredom, are strangers to me now. I actually have to force a conversation between us. It's hard to believe.

I thought time was supposed to have healing properties. The separation we had should have been enough to grant us topics of conversation. Instead we are left in awkward moments where it's obvious we no longer have anything in common.

What is it about me that has changed so much? I don't know.

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