Sunday, 1 August 2010


I don't understand humans. I understand their carnivorous needs. I get that they like eating meat. I myself don't mind being a vegetarian, but I don't live in a conducive enough environment.

BUT what I don't understand is their evil exploitation of animals so the humans can get the best out of the animals.

I just read an email about how ducks are treated so get enhanced livers to make succulent foie gras. I think its despicable. The ducks are force fed so that their livers will become enlarged, leading to a "tastier" dish of foie gras. The ducks are literally held by their beaks and fed food through a metal pipe non stop. Non fucking stop. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE.

Can't they just rear these ducks and geese in a nice farm with a lot of land and ponds? Can't they let the animals roam free on the land? And then when you want to eat them, kill em la. You don't have to lock these poor animals up and torture them?

Why do humans treat animals like they mean nothing? We ARE NOT SUPERIOR, in contrast to what humans believe. One natural disaster is all it takes to destroy all our lives at one go. Just because we are better built, physically and mentally, we think that we are SUPERIOR to animals? We are not superior, and they are not inferior. We are just made different from them. We, like them, are unique in our own way.

We do not have the right to exploit the animal kingdom for our benefit.

Just last week I saw a snake, a huge ass snake, trying to cross the road to get the jungle opposite its own which was being torn down for *surprise, surprise* housing projects.

I live in Bukit Antarabangsa. More than a year ago, a big landslide caused damage to property, lives and great inconvenience to the residents. Since the incident in December 2008, they have not even finished properly sorting out the place. And they've already started building homes at the foot of the hill?! What happened to the loss of consumer confidence in the exclusive hillside housing area after the landslide? What happened to the refusal of banks to provide loans on houses in Bukit Antarabangsa? What happened to people being scared to live in such an area?

Boy, humans sure are resilient, I can tell you that.

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