Monday, 2 August 2010


Yes! Finally done with Business Law assignment! Yay~

That feeling of accomplishment was quickly followed by a need to go home and sleep, therefore missing Business Law tutorial along the way. xD

I wanna thank a few people who helped in the completion of this assignment, for without them this assignment would have been left in my hands, and everyone knows how badly I can screw up. :)

Chin Yean - You were awesome at editing and compiling the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion of the assignment. It was awesome work.

Soon Teck - You were awesome at finding the journals from libraries and online resources and starting the whole assignment. It was awesome research.

Jia Hao - You were awesome at coming up with the two general questions which we eventually broke down further into three or four questions, and also at sporadically checking in on the progress of the assignment. It was awesome hearing from you every three or four days.

I-Jiao - You were awesome at staying out of our way and laying low until the day of submission itself. It was awesome nonparticipation.

and mostly thanks to:

Anna - You were awesome at reminding me about what to do, where to go, how to do, when to do, who to see, and helping me with the drafts of the interview questions and answers, and taking charge when things started getting haywire. It was just simply absolutely awesome.

Dr Roy - You were awesome at being the selected consumer for our interview, giving us answers that were simple to understand and remember and easy to write down, and being patient with our haphazardness. It was awesome respondent work.

and I would NOT like to thank:

The Lecturer - You were awesome at finding an impossible task. Let's hope you don't stop there and decide that this is too much of trouble for your future students. I assure you, they deserve to be punished as much as we did.

The Lawyer - You were simply awesome at not being found and contacted. You have awesome dependence issues.

Wow, a bloody Oscar speech. Well this assignment really got me worried for many weeks okay, despite all the avoiding and sleeping on which I managed to do with the work.

It's over. Let's hope we get an A. Gambateh.

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