Monday, 26 July 2010


Thank you Ellana for recommending Fireman (I really mean Fireproof) to me. It was a nice movie :D:D

Firehydrant is about a man named Caleb who's a total jerk to his wife. He demands respect, which she refuses to give unless he shows her some, which he doesn't. So yeah the wife files for divorce and Caleb tries to save their marriage through a 40-day experiment called The Love Dare.

What Caleb does isn't out-of-this-world, fun-TAS-tick stuff that leaves you in awe. No, in The Love Dare, he just does simple stuff that (for unromantic people like me) would seem like nothing. But the effect of the little actions is worth it, because as all cliched movies go, there is a happy ending. Go figure.

You need to watch it to appreciate the little things in life you do that matters to others. And also to know that marriage is hard fucking work.

And faith can also help pull you in the right direction because, really, who are we if we don't have a little faith in something?

Firestation is an awesome movie :D

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