Sunday, 12 April 2009


I put down my book and listen for noises outside the door. Pin-drop silence, except for the soft whirring of the washing machine downstairs. I peer through the space between the door and the floor. Some light coming from the left side emanates; I think the light upstairs is on. Okay, all systems go.

I can feel the batter calling me from within the depths of the refridgerator. My heart thumps as I near the fridge, slowly and very subtly exciting me. My mouth can just taste the fried batter, my taste buds working off the scale. The sourish, crispy, and soft texture of the fried thosai gives me slight goosebumps and I grab the handle of the fridge. I picture the dollops of ghee I shall add onto the fried thosai after very tenderly scraping it from the hot pan.

I open the door of the fridge.The golden brown colour of the to-be-fried batter will be hot so that the ghee that is dropped onto it melts away like ice under the sun. I shall tear off a piece of the thosai and gently rest it between my teeth and on top of my tongue. I can just taste the savoury flavour of the thosai and ghee in my mouth...

Is that cake? My eyes rest upon the looks of a piece of a cake. Second shelf, on the far right ride. The black chocolate frosting shines brightly under the light of the fridge, making the white icing words stand out. There is a thick white layer of cream, sandwiched between two chocolate cake tops. Mmm, lusciousscrumptiouschocolicious all in one.

Mmm. After muching on a piece of Chocolate Devil, I close the fridge door. I start walking away and decide to finish up my book.

Suddenly my heart starts pounding again. I am instantly reminded of the tupperware of sour batter awaiting my grasp. God I am a food-o-holic.

Five minutes late my thosai is hot and toasting on the stove. The smell and sound of frying thosai is so invigorating at this time of night.

I put a laptop onto the counter and start it up. My book lays unread beside it, while I start typing away. Oh it feels great. Everyone's asleep, I get to sit back and snack while perusing the World Wide Web. Luckily for me everyone in the house sleeps early. They're really good people, who despite nag me to sleep, allow me to spend my nights up late doing what I want, as I'm always in their servitude during the day.

"Sudhan what are you doing?"

What the fuck! Why is he awake?! Shit! The stove is on and the thosai is crackling away on the pan. I can't hide it and I have no time to cover. What the fuck am I going to do?

Okay maybe I stretched the truth a little when I said they allow me to stay up. When I say allow I actually mean they don't know that I stay up late and munch on food so I'd rather keep that info the hell away from them.

What the fuck is he doing down at this time? It's late! What the fuck am I going to do? I decide to relent. Okay, that should work. Just pretend like this aint a big deal.

"Yeah, well I'm just in the kitchen, having a snack."

Okay that went well. Nothing happens. When all is quiet and everyone is asleep again (which I hope to God is true) I turn on Cinemax to watch True Blood. Why Cinemax is airing a HBO orginal production is beyond me.

I hear the door upstairs opening once again. Oh for heaven's sake. This is going to be a long night.


Joe said...

LOL, I even fried one big plate of rice in the middle of the night last time... And I couldn't finish it so I woke my dad and my bro to finish them for me... XD... Food at night is the best!

Unknown said...

word, Jian, word. :D