Monday, 20 April 2009


As I enter class late, I decide to have my breakfast. I have skipped it enough times. Breakfast, not the class. Hunger is me and I crave a nice Nasi Lemak. I head to the cafeteria and see the beautiful packs of Nasi Lemak awaiting my grasp, stacked on a wooden tray on the shelf. Ah, bliss.

Later, class is over and we head over to the new Cold Storage building beside the Jaya One complex. By "we" I mean Alex, YH and I. The others did not bother coming to class.

The moment we enter I spot free samples left and right. Free samples are the best. Sometimes I go back for seconds when they don't seem to remember me. But that's not all the time, so usually I'm stuck with only one sample.

I get a free sample of some juice, butter on bread, and a small chunk of a granola bar before we head to the Non-Halal section. Despite being a strict believer of pigs' rights, I get tempted to try a few free samples of luncheon meat. I take a bite of the meat on a toothpick and immediately I feel like spitting it out. It's not that it had gone bad or anything; I just can't stomach pork. I feel pity for the poor pig that had to be slaughtered. Don't ask me why I don't feel the same way for chicken.

We walk out of Cold Storage with a tin of whipped cream (sweetened) in my hand. I feel so accomplished with it in my hand. After so long of wishing I could get a can and spray cream into my mouth, I finally got my wish.

Killineys looked alright for lunch, so we entered, ordered, and camwhored. YH coincidentally... just happened to have a camera with him. So sue us.

We tried to take it from the side, but it just didn't work.

Waiting for Airlacks to set the camera up, when he accidentally snapped.

Almost perfect. :/

Later on at night, I check my email and notice YH has sent me the pictures we took in the afternoon. Fuyoh, it comes with a speech and all. I so need to spread this, :D
i dont remember how 2 write a letter n blablabla so i'll just say: You rock!! *the rest of the content has been censored due to reader discretion*
Check it out, I rock ;)

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