Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Woots! It's New Year's Eve!

... and it's my brother's birthday! Happy Birthday, Fat!

watch out fool. he's fourteen.
Yay, you're fourteen, still not legal, so sit yo ass butt back down in that chair. :D

My pre-New Year's resolution is coming true. It so happens that my parents need to go to an Ikea outlet, the one in Mutiara Damansara to be more specific. :D Hence, I shall be spending New Year's Eve at the Curve. The place better have a countdown or else.

It is going to be 2009 in less than twenty four hours. 2009 is bound to be a good year, and that is a fact. I know it will be. Woots woots woots!

Now since I cannot update till the first of January 2009, I want to say a few things here. Refer to my New Year's Resolutions at the side, over there ---->

Well, that's is. Goodbye :D

The strike-out tag is the fav!

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