Thursday, 11 December 2008

Chain Mail

Here's a view of my email inbox for ya:

Notice the e-mail count in my inbox? Yeah .This is because my inbox is filled with shit like this: (adapted from Alexander's post Forward Forward Forward)

(1) Case 1:
Omg Omg this is soooooo true!
Here's some story from other people that delete this e-mail after they'd read it,
Mr./Ms.Fake found dead in his toilet bowl(or anywhere) after he deleted this e-mail.
Mr./Ms.Example had been dumped by her BF/GF after she deleted this email.
Mr./Ms.(whoever) blah blah(bad news) after he/she deleted this email.
You will be attacked by a bear if you delete this email.
This ghost will like haunt the fuck out you if you delete this email.
You will get bad luck if you delete this email.

:| Omg omg I have never forwarded those e-mails. Looks like I'm doomed to be dumped, attacked by a bear, and haunted with bad luck, and dead in a toilet bowl right after. Pfft!
To those who created such emails in efforts to bullshit the fuck out of us, you could have made much better use of your time by jacking off. You have probably lost a few thousand brain cells just by sending that email, let alone typing it out.

(2) Case 2
Did you guys ever receive a kind of e-mail that said:
Scroll down.............(weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
And make a wish (I wish for this and that)
Then you'll see a big word "STOP".
If you forward this e-mail in XXXseconds to XXppl, your dream will come true in XXXminutes.

Get real, assholes, of course it will not come true. They forgot the pixie dust. *rolls eyes*

(3) Case 3

This is Billy Gate.
I'm giving free money!
If you forward this e-mail to XXX ppl, I'll send you XXX$$
Because I'm just THAT dumb!
After fowarding, please send this e-mail to
Because we are just THAT gullible!
In XXdays, you'll receive XXX$$ check.
Because we are just THAT ready to give free money!

I would love to send a chain mail to all the people who forwarded emails like this. Then the whole world will see how stupid they are. In fact, I think I will create a mail that goes like this:
"Attention: AAA was hit by a boat while she was playing in the street. We need urgent medical assistance for her, and my wife and I conveniently can't afford the hospital fees. Please forward this email for has promised us 3 cents for every email forwarded. If you do not forward this email, my daughter will return from the dead and haunt you till you end up dead in a fish tank. If you forward this message to 3 to 5 people, she will go poltergeist up your ass. If your forward this message to 10 to 15 people, she will appear in your nightmares. If you forward this email to 20 people and above, she will leave you at peace because she also conveniently knows (while in her comatose state) that when each person donates 60 cents, the multiplier effect will cause the sum of money collected to reach about only 100 bucks, which not even a tenth of the fees we have to fork out to pay. So yes, do forward this message to everyone you know. Thank you. And oh yes, Billy Gates is giving out money too, so remember to forward this message!"

I don't know why the last picture came out so shitty.
Alex is my muse :)

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