Sunday, 28 December 2008


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2009 is right around the corner.

I have a pre-New Year's Resolution.

To go to a damn New Year's day Countdown.

2008 was a shitty year for me. Yes, real bad. Imagine the worst thing that could happen to a person, now divide that by like a thousand you sicko. There. That was how bad my year was. However the year was filled with lots of events; I still find it hard to believe that I was in school this year. That feels like eons ago.

This year I did alot of things; sometimes it's hard to keep up with it. I have never done as much as I've done this year. Recap:

(1) I like drove around alot :| Haha well that aint much is it? Actually I drove my brother and mom around, like a driver. School, tuition, classes, and other shit.

(2) I learnt alot of stuff. Healing, flakking, Economics (my lecturer was hot XD)

(3) Went to college, discontentedly. Naw, college is fun :D Glad, I am.

(4) I found more skeletons in my closet this year. Yeah they just keep on coming.

(5) I collected my SPM results. Hey, this was a big event in my life.

(6) Tutored some. My student got an A in Maths. Congrats Nadzmin :D:D:D

(7) Bitched and was bitched on a-fcuking-lot. I mean, a person can only be cussed on so many times before he/she cracks don 'cha think? Yes, I cracked too.

(8) I lost a few people in my life. Friends and family.

(9) Found out more about the world we live in. Not the physical, convoluted place we call Earth - or the Universe if you will -but the bigger picture, broken down to simple meanings and rules that...Oh never mind, you wouldn't get it anyway. :D (Refer to header)

(10) Ah, the tenth thing. Well the most -for want of a better word- complex part was the transition from being a high school student to being a university student. It seemed hard at first; everything had to be independently done. But now, as I look back at what I was then, I go: 'What the fcuk is wrong with that motherfucker? Is it so hard to fill up a damn form to hand in?' Seriously. Forms were a chore for me. 'Chore' is putting it lightly. It was grueling, like killing your granma!

(11) I missed school alot. A hell fcuking lot. But now I do not. Definitely not.

(12) I met awesome people. And asses. They keep coming and going. Fat bitch needs to go. ;) *prepares rifle*

(13) I was blamed for alot of things. :| Hmm they were not my fault but still others' per se. Ah screw it.

(14) More skeletons.

(15) More secrets.

2008 sucked. I hope for a better year in 2009. I'd better get what I want. Or somebody's gonna pay. *cocks rifle*

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