Sunday, 23 March 2008

She's Back: The Tale of The BM Teacher 2

Irony and Sarcasm

So I went to school the other day and *BAM* there she was ...


... again.

I was waiting for my ex class teacher in the school office when she walked in. So I was like "Motolok!"


And she looked at me and smiled. Yes, smiled. Usually I can tell the difference between an honest and true smile and an evil smile. This time I could not. Motolok somehow has the amazing ability to defy my abilities. How kool is that? *gah*

"Long time no see," she told me. And I'm quite mistaken if i didn't hear her adding "You dick" after that under her breath. Anyway, she asked me what my SPM results were like. I told her my results and she was like "Oh ok lah tu" (Oh that's okay). And I'm also very much mistaken if I didn't hear her say "Son of a bitch!" after that too. But she still continued giving me that ambiguous smile of hers.


Then she asked me what were my BM results. I gladly replied that I got an A for it. I can tell that she wanted to give me a look of disbelief but she still smiled, looked away, and said "Good"


And I smiled back. Anyway, after finding out that I did well in the subject that she taught me, she was sore. She didn't want me to succeed you see. She wanted me to do badly so she could comment on how lazy I was and if I had passed up her homework on time I would have done better. Bah! Codswallop it is if you ask me. So she found a way to insult me. She decided to comment on my hair. *rolls eyes* She said I was ugly because my hair was long and wavy in the front. This, coming from a woman who covers her head. :| Please Motolok, you're the last person I will be taking fashion advice from. Nothing you say can hurt me.

Sticks and stones, woman. Sticks and stones. :D


But she DID say that I looked handsome when I was at school because my hair was shorter. Aw, Motolok, you had a crush on me? That unprofessional. *blushes*

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