Monday, 1 August 2011


I'm finally going back to music class tomorrow after three weeks of not going. I'm so excited. The only thing I'm worried about is that I haven't been practising so... :S But that's never stopped me from having fun. We'll be preparing for our Navarathri performance this coming September. I checked the date and guess whaaaaat? Navarathri is after my finals. Yaaaaaaaays! :D:D I'll get to follow my teacher for all the performances like last year. There's nothing like a spiritual experience everyday to get you through a religious celebration.

Anyway after the online quiz that's due tomorrow I'm free for two weeks. No tests, no assignments, nothing. Nada. I felt a wave of relief passing through me as I submitted my assignment today. But when I handed it in to the officer in charge of collecting the assignments she told me that the lecturer forgot to mention that we are required to submit a soft copy of the assignment. So that means more work. Must submit on Thursday to him. Sigh.

But still. I'm not gonna let that put a damper on my spirits. This week's week ten. That means the bar list will be coming out next week. Which means I have till the end of the week to make sure I don't get barred from the exams. Which pretty much might happen attendance leaves much to be desired, namely the attendance itself.

Well now I'm stressed all over again.

Damn it.

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