Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Love, actually.

Ah, love.

I shall never understand it. I mean I get it. I do feel it. But I will never understand in a "couply" love.

I love my dogs.
I love my friends.
I...er...love...my family...I guess.

But I don't get the whole issue about being couples. True, I did have a girlfriend before. She was my best friend. The person I could not live without. The person whom I had to talk to the whole day no matter what. I seriously did not have any other friends beside her. I did have friends but nobody that mattered as much. I did not have any close friends. She was the only person I wanted to talk to at that time.

That's something I believe I will never have with another person ever in my life. Because I already have that with my friends. Yes, I don't feel the same way about them as I did with my girlfriend, but I'm content with my friends. I don't see how I can love anyone else differently from the way I love my friends. Once I have friends whom I love as much, what's the point of having just one person to love that much?

My friend told me that its different because of the feeling that that one person is yours and nobody else's. But how can one have a best friend and another person whom you also call your best friend, and the only difference is the girlfriend/boyfriend is one whom you're physically attracted to. So then what's the point of having a best friend? I just don't get it.

Yes, I guess I'm over thinking. I just can't help but wonder whether having a partner is just something human beings are so accustomed to and moulded to accept so much so that not having a girlfriend or boyfriend is not a norm?

In my opinion, I don't need a physical relationship with a person. Probably because I'm a very private person so much so that I can't be my real self around others, even the bestest of my best friends. And there's also that whole...sex thing. Don't even get me started on my view on that. Two people, naked, exposed to each other, all vulnerable. Can you think of anything more embarrassing? O.O

Yes yes you're gonna think I'm weird. My defiance of the whole couple thing is probably full of fallacies.

If you have a girlfriend, then why do you have guy friends?
Because you need people like you as friends?
You need to do your usual guy stuff?
You can't play football with your girlfriend?
You can't play DotA with your girlfriends?
Why not get a boyfriend then you can do all the guy stuff with him?

If you have a boyfriend, then why do you have girl friends?
Because you need people like you as friends?
You need to do your usual girl stuff?
You can do your usual girl stuff with the guy whom you love so much?
He doesn't understand these things?
If he can't understand and you can't do these things with him then why be with him?
Why not get a girlfriend so that you can do all your girl stuff with her?

I want to do anything and everything with the person that I'm with because I believe in a package deal. I don't want to have a girlfriend (or boyfriend, I'm speaking for everyone here) who can't be my family and/ or friend. Why have a girlfriend or boyfriend when I can't spend each and every moment with him or her? What then, is the purpose of a relationship? For the continuity of life?

Honestly. Honestly. Seriously honest. If my girlfriend or boyfriend is unable to talk or interact with my group of friends and my family I will question what I'm actually doing with this person. This person is not able to even talk to the people I love most in life. Then what is this person to me? I might even decide to break up with the person because of this person. I've thought of this many times before. Hence, I believe that only the person I'm closest to can become my partner. But if the person is already my bestest best bestity best friend why should I take things to the next level? Relationships complicate things. I lost one best friend because we got into a relationship. I don't want to lose another friend.

Anyway, back to my question. What is the purpose of relationships? For the continuity of life? If you answer yes, then you've just succumbed to the norms of society. But that's not wrong. I just believe that that isn't the only answer.

If I've offended anyone by my words or thoughts in this post I'm sorry. If I've given anyone second thoughts about the relationship they're in now (I'm just taking into account the fact that it could happen, because I'm just that awesome) then I'm sorry but that was not my intention. If anyone feels the need to tell me that I'm wrong, please do tell me. I'm open to arguments. You're not wrong, and I'm not right. :) I just believe that yours isn't the only answer.

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