Friday, 5 February 2010

Road to the Oscars

Yeppers, I'm all pepped up for the Oscars.

This year they've increased the number of Best Picture nominations to ten movies. That's good news because now there's more movies that have a chance. The bad news is that Up is one of the nominees. WTF.

I'm now on an Oscar '10 nominees movie hunt. I've hunted down the nominated movies and am trying to watch 'em before Sunday, March 7th! Aint my life just full of excitement? Aaaaa~~

I'll update on each movie that I've watched when I'm done with 'em, and when I have time.

The sad part is I might not be able to catch it live on tv. Damn classes. Argh! I'm soooo not gonna read about the winners in the papers or online. I'm gonna watch it first, no matter what I have to do.

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