Sunday, 31 May 2009


I sigh as I drive home from Kala Mandapam, Brickfields. After so many months of (so called) hard work, Sabtha Swaranjali finally happened.

Just before leaving my house. Ignore the toilet bowl in the background.

Me and the big boss, Shankari.

Me and the stage manager, Yamuna.

Thiviya and me.

Revathy and your's truly.

Yamuna's sister, Mahesh and moi.

The surprise guest on that day, Punitha akka.

Me and the one and only, Mr Dhanashekar

Veknasha, Me, and Rubanarmada. From another group. Nice to meet you guys :)

...and how can I forget, the one and only, last but definitely not least, Guru Renuka!

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