Sunday 22 September 2013

5:51am musings

So today is the 22nd of September. So fast, man! It's gonna be Short+Sweet Musical next week!

Tomorrow, I mean today, we're gonna be having our very last rehearsal for Dim Sum Masala. I'm so excited for it to be staged! It's gonna be so kool! Also I can't wait to (not) see all the other musicals. Harumph. They're so strict this year that we can't even watch the musicals that are going on and have to sit in the dressing rooms. 

But I'm not gonna let that deter me! It's gonna be amazing! Some of the people who were involved in Stand Up Comedy and Song are also gonna be involved in Musical. Sooo yeah.

On other aspects of my life:

1. Exams are over. I'm temporarily free. That is, till exam results come, thus determining whether I'll be permanently free of the shackles that are the UTAR system.

2. Jordan is having PMR in two weeks, nay, TEN DAYS. Kill me la.

3. Well that's pretty much it. My life aint that eventful.

4. Oh yeah wait I need to introduce someone who has come back into my life after moving to Ipoh for the longest time!

Friend of 15 years, Kesha!

KESHA! She's now back at Bukit Antarabangsa and we have all the time in the world to meet up and chat. Before this I really thought we'd have to settle for the meager hours she could spare whenever she came down from Ipoh to visit relatives. I'm really glad that she's back in my life! :) 


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